lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Emmna´s Mother interview

EMMA´S  MOTHER  INTERVIEW. Conversation  auxiliary  news. The 6th  of February, Enma´s Mum came to Cuenca. She visited our school and she told us about her life in England. When she was in the 4th group classroom, the pupils asked her different questions. You can read the interview:
What´s your name? My name is Debbie  
Where do you live? In Wrea Green, a small village next to  Blackpool.
Can you describe your city? Wrea Green is a village with a duck pond, 1 church, 1 school and  near the village there is a wind mill.
Can you show us your city on a map?Yes, of course
What´s your job? I work with computers
Do you like your job? Yes, I do
Do you know Cuenca? No, because I don´t have visited it yet
Do you like travel?Yes, I do
When do you go back home? On Friday the 8th of February.
After all these questions, she told us about her life when she was young:  She worked in a circus!
The tall girl wit the snake is Debbie.         
In the next photo, Debbie is the third one starting from the left.    

It´s incredible, we think it´s difficult to find a special woman as Debbie. Emma is very lucky.

Thank you. See you soon.


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